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Ángel Jove Capellán

Chairman of ANJOCA

In order to understand the evolution of Anjoca, it is necessary to know a little about the history and progress of its founder. Ángel Jove Capellán was born in a period as economically and politically complex as the beginning of the post-war period in Spain. At the age of 20 he founded his first company, “Ángel Jove Construcciones”. This initial business venture began to develop as a construction company. It gradually spread throughout the country at the same time as extending its activities towards other sectors, while continuing with the construction and development of residential properties, hotels, shopping centres, residences for the elderly, and a range of service companies.

The company has continued to develop a solid process of implantation and growth throughout the whole of mainland Spain and its islands, and extend its presence in Europe, Latin America and North Africa thanks to its visionary character and an agile organisation, with some 2,000 employees, specialising in different business areas, coordinated through an effective management system.

From his earliest beginnings, Ángel Jove Capellán has been an entrepreneur with a firm commitment towards society, patronising activities ranging from the recovery of Spain’s national heritage to others in the world of sport, society and culture.

His professional career has earned him numerous awards and public recognition, at cultural and social level and for his business activities.

These include:

At international level

Doctor Honoris Causa en Economía por The Constantinian University (Rhode Island, USA), November 2003

In the world of business

Award from the Spanish Association of Shopping Centres, in recognition of his project as Best Shopping Centre of the Year in 1998, for the ‘Los Rosales’ mall in the city of A Coruña.

“Mundo Empresarial” Award in 2004, in recognition of his professional career.

“Actualidad Económica” Award for the best business initiative, for the Fuerteventura Golf Resort. May 2006.

Distinguished Tourism 2014 Awards "Golden Beaches" for the best trajectory in the tourism sector in Fuerteventura.

ngel Jove Capelln - Chairman of ANJOCA