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VI Anjoca Golf Cup Tournament

Anjoca Golf Cup

The event was successful with a high level of competition and the weather was really fine. We thanked the presence of the president of the Federación Canaria de Golf, Sr.Salvador Garcia Canton and the Mayor of Antigua, Genara Ruiz who attended with her Tourism and Sport r Councillors. Also we want to thank to Antonio Mesa sports advisor Cabildo his courtesy.

72 players from four different nacionalities enjoy a good cocktail and the ceremony of the awarding of trophies and prizes to the top 3 of the 3 categories and two special awards for shorter ball and ball closer. For participants not classified a bif ruffle with prizes and stays at hoteles Elba with golf.This sixth edition was celebrated to underline the commitment and support of the sport of golf by Anjoca, their promotion and consolidation of practice on the island of Fuerteventura.

22-MAYO-2012 | Departamento de Comunicación

5th Edition Anjoca Golf Cup Tournament

Seguro de desempleo/hipoteca

82 good golf players took the field on the morning of May 19 to get the fabulous prizes of V Anjoca Golf Cup Tournament, which is already integrated into the agendas of the most important players on the island. The event brought together leading figures from the social and sporting life in the islands.

Congratulations to the first three classified in the 3 categories, in Stableford.

3th Category: Staffelbach, Anton Johann
2nd Category: Suárez Rodriguez, Pedro
1st Category : Garijo Muñoz, Esteban

22-MAYO-2012 | Departamento de Comunicación

ANJOCA includes an unemployment insurance in sales promotions at Santander

Unemployment insurance at Santander

In an effort to reinvent the real estate sales formula, adapted to the times, Anjoca in Santander is presenting this solution, to rebut some difficulties at the end of the buying process. In many cases the uncertainty don't let see the quality of supply and discourages potential comprador.With this measure has generated numerous inquiries and visits. Anjoca is distancing itself from the competition, and by using this formula, any person, potential buyer, which remain unemployed, has the choice to opt for the insurance. In this way the obligation to pay the mortgage for 5 years would be solved.

This solution, unemployment insurance, adds to the homes, located in one of the best areas of Santander, a new value, attractive and irresistible to try to alleviate the harsh conditions of financing between those who wants to buy on of these flats or apartments.

1-SEPTIEMBRE-2011 | Departamento de Comunicación

Fuerteventura Golf Club changes its PAR

Mejoras en Fuerteventura Golf Club

Fuerteventura Golf Club now has a new look after the improvements on some holes. Longer to become the unique PAR 72 of the island, the course offers one more attraction to enjoy golf and to enjoy the sun all year.

Lakes, waterfalls, palm trees and lush native vegetation will accompany you in your play, with beautiful sea views.

More information:

31-AGOSTO-2011 | Departamento de Comunicación

Fuerteventura International Award for the quality of its coasts.

Fuerteventura International Award for the quality of its coasts.

On latest edition of Quality Coast Awards the island of Fuerteventura has been recognized as a place committed to marine conservation. A qualification of international scope that rewards healthy coasts, sustainable development practices and the coexistence of environmental values and the touristic economic activities in the island.

Fuerteventura was awarded in the categories of “availability Quiet Areas, natural values and Bathing Water Quality.”

This qualification is reviewed every two years and is supported by the EUCC, The Coastal& Marine Union and partly funded by the european commission.

16-NOVIEMBRE-2009 | Departamento de Comunicación

Fuerteventura, a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Fuerteventura, a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

UNESCO at its 21th Session of the MAB International, held in Paris from 25 to 29 May 2009, has declared Fuerteventura as a Biosphere Reserve. On its surface, this island, which has 4 Elba Hotels, 18 holes golf course, and a Convention Center is the second largest of the Canary Islands. Fuerteventura has a wide range of ecosystems, ranging from semi-desert areas to coastal and marine habitats where a variety of species including dolphins and whales and sea turtles live.

People on the island are focused on developing eco-tourism on the basis of sustainable development. The island is one of the models for implementing the EU Directive on Renewable Energies.

2-JUNIO-2009 | Departamento de Comunicación

Jorge Jove Foundation is already a reality.

Jorge Jove Foundation

Last 22 of september 2008, was formally constituted the Jorge Jove Foundation. The foundation is directly linked with the Museo de Automoción e Historia Project and will develop several social interest aims.

Set up, develop and administrate the "Jorge Jove Museum" of antique cars.

Promote and develop a study and historical investigation of motor cars, in its scientific, technical, industrial, commercial, touristic and sports aspects as well as the consequences of its introduction in cultural, social and economical trends.

Encourage the recovery, restoration, conservation, exhibition and use of historical motor cars.

Encourage the formation of proffesionals implicated on these sectors, as well as the public difussion of studies and initiatives that will contribute the knowledge of these activities by media.

The development cooperation, the contribution of human, economical and social progress and the poverty reduction strategy.

23-SEPTEMBER-2008 | Departamento de Comunicación