Los Magnolios

Residences for the elderly with specialised care


An innovative concept in residences for the elderly

‘Los Magnolios’ is the trademark used by Anjoca in offering integral and specialised care services for the elderly. An initiative for diversification that goes beyond generating new business, considered as a project that firmly identifies the company’s commitment and solidarity towards society.

High quality residences for the elderly in A Coruña and Málaga

The two centres currently operating in A Coruña and Málaga are a reference point in terms of the care services and innovations they provide to the sector.

Anjoca brought its experience learned from many years of innovation in all of its projects, for the creation of carefully designed care centres. Large, modern and comfortable spaces in which communication, leisure activities, residential services and medical care all contribute towards the welfare of their residents, their social relations and their daily activity.

With specialised staff, the installations of a large hotel equipped for the elderly, and the active involvement of public bodies and the most cutting-edge areas of university specialisation, the residences offer a truly differentiated quality of assistance.

Los Magnolios La Coruña

Los Magnolios La Coruña

In the local council of Culleredo

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Los Magnolios Málaga

Los Magnolios Málaga

In the area of Rincón de la Victoria

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